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TodaysNigerians Award Winning Image & Reputation Management,, and are owned by TNGConcepts. Apart from been an acclaimed portal of positive information on Nigeria and Nigerians. We are the next generation Total E- Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization, Awareness and E-Image Laundering campaign with a worldwide operative range to 5billion internet audience with affiliates like Wikipedia, Zoominfo, MSN, Yahoo, Vconnect, Google and our own Search engine Sturvs. places adverts in Yahoo, Zoom Info, MSN and any associated Nigerian and Nigerians website around the globe and of course Google because they are the #1 Search engine, which is the core of our Platform., a major Internet brand for Notable and Emeritus Nigerians was born out of the Need to fill the internet vacuum that positively promote, showcase and track the good-works and good-deeds Of hardworking Nigerian CEOs, Senators, Federal Honorable Members, Governors, Commission Chairmen, Director Generals, Professor emeritus, Chairmen and everyday exemplary Nigerians doing great things.

Brand Activation & Promotions

TNG brings over 100 years combined management experience and execution experience to play at all times from Road Shows to Town Storms, Mall Events to Exhibitions, we run field marketing services to achieve optimal impact translating to measurable Brand Return on Investment.
Our field marketing services are designed and tailored to suite our customers’ area of focus, location and size of individual field marketing campaigns. From high profile nationwide product launches and promotions to short notice local one-off field activations, our field marketing services are customer-result oriented. Thus whether you are looking to launch your products and services in the Nigerian market and beyond, or an organization seeking to increase brand awareness and product sales, we offer bespoke professional marketing services to suite and meet your needs.

Experiential Marketing

A marketing strategy that directly engages customers/clients in participating in the evolution of a brand. It is an increasingly popular way for brands to connect with target audience to achieve maximum impact. We work assiduously with our clients and partners to bring out uncommon innovations in strategic planning, brand/product development and quality control. Some of our experiential projects include AGMs, Business Events, Retreats, Exhibitions, Team bonding sessions and more.

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